This website is a source of information for current Association members and real-estate agents with clients interested in a residential community located in the heart of Strongsville, Ohio. 

With its heavily wooded lots bordering 
on the Cleveland Metroparks, Ledgewood offers its residents a truly unique secluded woodland setting while providing convenient access to shopping, restaurants, the  library, recreation center, the Ohio Turnpike and Interstate 71.

Royalton Collection Development Update

The Strongsville planning commission gave the “Royalton Collection” development plan conditional approval at the 7/12 meeting.

The developer submitted detailed plans, including water management. The water plans will redirect the property’s storm sewers to the existing detention basin, and calls for an increase in basin volume to 124,980 cubic feet. Basin volume is currently 73,159 cubic feet. The improvement complies with current regulations and 100-year flood maps. Additionally, the mayor promised work on the Ledgewood culvert in 2019.

We’re awaiting clarification on the northeast parking lot extension, specifically, whether the hill at the end of Iyami Ct. will remain. The lighting plan calls for LED lights with a fairly narrow spread, and zero direct illumination at the property lines.
The primary buffer landscaping will be evergreen trees no less than 10 feet tall. The developer doesn’t plan to build any physical barriers in the buffer zone.

Currently, the only building proposed along the east side of the property is a Panera (with drive-thru), though the area closest to Royalton Rd. remains open to one additional building.

A note from our Association President

You must secure a permit from the city for most home improvements, and this means also a review by the Architectural Committee here in Ledgewood. Following these guidelines keeps our development beautiful and our property values high. 
See the Strongsville Guidelines link in the left menu of the site for more information.

 When you put out a temporary sign for an event, remember to remove them immediately following.  No signs but For Sale are permitted in the development per our restrictions.  This keeps our appearance clutter free. 

 This Website is the only official communication from the Ledgewood Association, although we have residents communicating to each other in a variety of ways.