This website is a source of information for current Association members and real-estate agents with clients interested in a residential community located in the heart of Strongsville, Ohio. 

With its heavily wooded lots bordering 
on the Cleveland Metroparks, Ledgewood offers its residents a truly unique secluded woodland setting while providing convenient access to shopping, restaurants, the  library, recreation center, the Ohio Turnpike and Interstate 71.

Covid-19 Update

May 22, 2020

RE: Ledgewood COVID-19 Updates

Hello Neighbors,

We hope everyone is staying safe and remaining healthy.  Since our last communication, the State has stated that aquatic facilities can open May 26, and the Ohio Department of Health has issued mandatory guidelines that must be met to open and stay open.  The Ledgewood Trustees have sought counsel from the Association’s attorney and insurance company, as well as met with all other Home Owners Associations (HOAs) in Strongsville that have pools and tennis courts to discuss the path forward.  

We have been advised that insurance companies will not cover COVID-19-related claims. Therefore any COVID-19 legal action brought against the HOA associated with the pool would most likely require the HOA to fund legal costs and any damage claims out of pocket

Taking all of these factors into consideration, the Trusteesreluctantly concluded that it is not feasible to open the pool at this time.  However, we will be moving forward in preparing and maintaining the pool in compliance with County health codes, which mandates that the Association maintain a functioning pool, even if it is not in use.  This prepares us for opening the pool if things change and protects the pool’s integrity for future seasons.  

The Trustees will continue to closely monitor any changes to requirements or guidelines coming from the Ohio Department of Health, and if they lift restrictions or other factors change that significantly reduce our risk, we will revisit the possibility ofopening the pool later this summer. 

Pending legal approval, we plan to open the two blacktop tennis courts at the same time as the City of Strongsville opens theirs on June 8.  The paper reservation clipboard will be moved to those courts. Please bring your own pen when reserving your court time.  The Ohio Health Department mandates that clipboards be displayed at the courts and available on Ledgewood.org.  Players must follow these mandates in order for us to keep the courts open.  

The playgrounds and basketball courts are closed based on State orders.  Although banquet halls can open, the clubhouse will remain closed through June until new health department mandates and the Association’s responsibility can be evaluated.

The pool, playgrounds and basketball courts are popular gathering places in the summer, and we know that this news is disappointing.  This was not an easy decision and just as disappointing for the Trustees and pool staff.  We ask for everyone’s patience as we all work together to promote safe practices for our community to protect the health and welfare of everyone.  What is most important is our health, family, friends,neighbors, and the neighborhood.  

As you know, this is a fluid situation with new and revised mandates issued all the time.  Let’s hope that COVID-19 cases continue to decline, and we can enjoy a safe summer.  As always, please feel free to reach out to any Trustee or Trustee President Ken Angermeier directly at KenA@Ledgewood.org.


The Ledgewood Association Trustees

Pool/Tennis Courts Update

Dear Residents 

As many of you may have heard Governor DeWine has announced that pools will soon be allowed to open. Our priority is to keep everyone healthy, protect our pool staff, and protect the Association.  The State/County Health Department will be releasing guidance and requirements that we will need to follow prior to opening, as well as what rules we will all need to follow once we are open.


Just like grocery shopping, dining out, and visiting your barber or hair salon, going to the pool will look different this year.  There will be many operational modifications in order for the pool to function safely due to COVID-19.  Our pool Trustees and pool managers have been developing a plan to open based on the current CDC guidelines.  We have also been in contact with our legal counsel and our insurance company to mitigate any new risks to the Association that that opening may cause. 


If you’ve passed by the pool recently, you’ve most likely noticed work being done; work that included the water source to the pool, cleaning, and sidewalk repair.  The weather has not been cooperating, but the leak detection and repair is scheduled next.  


Governor DeWine also loosened the restrictions on opening tennis courts.  Health Department guidelines are still forthcoming, but hopefully we can open the courts very soon.  The playground and basketball courts are to remain closed. 


We will communicate the opening date and details on new guidelines once we have them.  If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to any of your trustees or directly to Ken Angermeier at KenA@Ledgewood.org

Thank you,

The Ledgewood Board of Directors 

Neighborhood Update

April 22, 2020

Dear Ledgewood Resident,

We hope this message finds you in good health and spirits. We want to provide an update on a few key items that are top of mind as the weather starts to warm, flowers bloom and weprepare for a beautiful summer in the Ledgewood neighborhood,as well as the impending lifting the shutdown

Like many of you, the Trustees are working to stay up to date on the latest federal, state and citywide mandates/recommendations. We remain committed to communicating updates on the impacts to the neighborhood as they become available.  As required, we continue to abide by all state orders as it relates to public safety during the COVID-19 health crises, but we are working on plans for the lifting of the stay at home order.


We are focused on getting the pool ready to open, assuming it will, at some point.  Updates and repairs to the pool’s mechanics are on schedule for the final phase of the leak detection and repair to take place in May.

This year, the pool committee, led by Trustee Holly Zadony has hired new management. Lyndsey Schneider, is the new Pool Manager, and BrandoRhoda, is the new Assistant Pool Manager.  Lindsey and Brandon are busy lining up and training lifeguards.  Anyone interested in being a lifeguard can contact Holly (holly@ledgewood.org).  The managers and the pool committee are developing contingency plans that can be effectively and safely deployed if social distancing orders remain in effect. 


We plan on having our maintenance team back on the job as soon as we are able to.  If you have maintenance needs before that time, please leave a message at 440-876-8055, and a Trustee will get back to you.


The clubhouse is tentatively scheduled to reopen June2020.  We will set an opening date for the clubhouse, playground and tennis courts as soon as we have updates onsocial distancing guidelines.

As we navigate these unusual times, we appreciate your patience, and you reaching out directly to us if you have questions, concerns or suggestions. Additionally, it is great to see the stuffed animals/teddy bears, notes/well wishes/jokes in windows, painted rocks along our walks and long-distancewaves between neighbors.  And, finally, thank you to all our neighbors in healthcare, and essential industries that have been out on the front lines during this pandemic.  

Take care of yourself, family, and neighbors.  Please reach out to any of us, or Ken Angermeier at KenA@Ledgewood.org with any questions. 


Ledgewood Association Trustees

Clubhouse Closed through May 31, 2019 due to Covid-19

The Ledgewood Clubhouse will be closed through May 31st, 2020 due to the Covid-19 outbreak.  All events through May will be cancelled and residents who have reserved the clubhouse will receive a refund of their deposits.

Ledgewood Coronavirus Info


To our neighbors,


During this time of uncertainty, our first concern is the safety and health of our family, friends, and neighbors.  Thereforeyour Ledgewood Trustees are taking steps to ensure we adhere to Ohio’s government policies and mandates. Please review the changes below. 


• The Ledgewood Clubhouse is closed and unavailable for rent indefinitely. Following Ohio’s Stay at Home order, the Clubhouse will be closed until Governor DeWine lifts the order, and we can thoroughly clean the facility to ensure it is safe for use.  


Individuals who have reserved the Clubhouse will be getting their deposit back.  We will be returning alldeposits through May 1 and planning to re-evaluate at that time to determine if we need to extend the closure.  If you would like to cancel or rebook for later in the year, please contact Diane Thompson (diane@ledgewood.orgto do so.  


• The playground area will be closing today, Monday, March 23, at midnight through April 6, following the Stay at Home policy. Please plan to respect this closure during the stated timeframe, and we will notify you if we can reopen the area earlier or need to extend the closing


• Our maintenance staff is currently furloughed indefinitelyPlease continue to report issues and maintenance requests, and we will log non-emergency requests to be tackled once regular work resumes and will determine solutions for immediate, critical needs. 


We are hopeful that these measures, along with the actions you, businesses, and our government are making will help curb the spread of this disease and allow us to get back to normal as soon as possible.  We will share updates on the items above as well as when we will reschedule the neighborhood roundtable


As we practice social distancing, we hope that you each remain safe. It is great to see your social media posts with offers to help each other, please know we are here to help tooReachout to useach other, and check on our senior or health-impaired neighbors.  Please let us know if you have questionsor need help


The Ledgewood Association 


Ledgewood Association Voicemail 440-876-8055

Ledgewood Association email questions@Ledgewood.org

Latest Edition of Ledger out

The latest edition of The Ledger newsletter is out and available to read below!

Reminders to Residents

 The Board would like to remind residents that they can not store anything in the front yard or side of house that can be seen from the street. No BBQ grills, Patio Furniture or trash receptacles. BBQ Gas canisters should not be stored in your garage. 

Residents are responsible for making sure that the light in their lamp post is working properly. 
  • If you need to replace the globe on your post light, they are available at the maintenance garage. Remember, the globe is a Ledgewood standard and the Architectural Review board has a zero tolerance policy on deviations and burned out bulbs. 

  • Home Depot also has contractors available to replace the entire lamp post.

A note from the Association

You must secure a permit from the city for most home improvements, and this means also a review by the Architectural Committee here in Ledgewood. Following these guidelines keeps our development beautiful and our property values high. 
See the Strongsville Guidelines link in the left menu of the site for more information.

 When you put out a temporary sign for an event, remember to remove them immediately following.  No signs but For Sale are permitted in the development per our restrictions.  This keeps our appearance clutter free. Thank you for your cooperation in removing signs from your property and keeping Ledgewood beautiful for all residents.

Per the Ledgewood Covenants and Restrictions Article VI Section 9 states:
No sign of any kind shall be displayed to the public view on any Lot except one sign of not more than five square feet advertising the property for sale or rent’

 This Website is the only official communication from the Ledgewood Association, although we have residents communicating to each other in a variety of ways.