A note from our Association President

As we enjoy this beautiful fall weather let's keep in mind that  leaves and debris have to be moved to the tree lawn for city removal, never dumped on common areas. Strongsville leaf pickup dates are in below posting.

Also, storage of summer items like grills, toys, bikes,  tools and gardening supplies must be kept out of sight.  

You must secure a permit from the city for most home improvements, and this means also a review by the Architectural Committee here in Ledgewood. Following these guidelines keeps our development beautiful and our property values high. 
See the Strongsville Guidelines link in the left menu of the site for more information.

 When you put out a temporary sign for an event, remember to remove them immediately following.  No signs but For Sale are permitted in the development per our restrictions.  This keeps our appearance clutter free. 

 This Website is the only official communication from the Ledgewood Association, although we have residents communicating to each other in a variety of ways.  

Remember to attend the Annual Meeting on Thursday, November 16th at the Clubhouse at 7:30. Please send your proxy in as soon as possible so we know we will have a quorum.

Karen Kircher President