Reminders to Residents

The gates to the Park and Tennis Courts are now closed for the season. The Park area is open year round for dog walkers and pedestrians. It is ok for residents to park in front of the entrance and walk down to the path. 

Now that winter is coming the Board would like to remind residents that they can not store anything in the front yard or side of house that can be seen from the street. No BBQ grills, Patio Furniture or trash receptacles. BBQ Gas canisters should not be stored in your garage. 

Residents are responsible for making sure that the light in their lamp post is working properly. With the longer nights of winter time this is especially essential. 
  • If you need to replace the globe on your post light, they are available at the maintenance garage. Remember, the globe is a Ledgewood standard and the Architectural Review board has a zero tolerance policy on deviations and burned out bulbs. The new fluorescent style bulbs available at places such as Home Depot have a much longer life than the incandescent bulbs used in the past. An example of a light that works is sold at Home Depot-- Philips 100 watt DuraMax Long Life Postlight.
  • Home Depot also has contractors available to replace the entire lamp post.