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Strongsville Band Concert dates!

SAVE THE DATES: You might want to add these events to your calendar.
Sept. 6-9 Shred Day (free document shredding): June 24
Hours and time are on our website, and we'll post the details before the events.
The city of Strongsville recently posted the below to their Facebook page. The rules are quite different from what they used to state on their own website. Confusing? Yes. The city pointed us to this document with frequently ask  questions and answers pdf a few weeks ago. Today they offered more... ____________________________________________________________ Can you recycle a drinking straw? A clothes hanger? A shampoo bottle? It's not always easy to know, but now it's easy to check. The Cuyahoga County Sold Waste District has a handy chart that shows just what plastics can and can't be recycled. Click the link for some tips on not only what to recycle, but how to do it.  

Lock Your Car Doors, Police Urge Residents

Strongsville police continue to receive reports of thefts from vehicles, and expect the incidents to continue despite the colder weather. In recent cases, thieves have stolen money, wallets, laptops, backpacks and a handgun from vehicles parked in driveways and garages. In one incident, a vehicle itself was taken from a residential garage. "The most important things you can do are lock your car doors and keep your garage door closed, especially at night," Detective Lt. John Janowski said. Also, don't leave valuables in your car. While many thieves target only unlocked vehicles, the sight of a purse, wallet or computer in the back seat could entice someone to break a window. If you must leave your car in the driveway overnight, try to park in a lighted area. Motion-activated flood lights are often a good investment, police say.

NOPEC Reaches Deal with New Electric Supplier

The Northeast Ohio Public Energy Council has reached an agreement with a new electricity supplier, meaning residents who buy their power through NOPEC will continue to see disounted rates. NOPEC has contracted with NextEra Energy Services to provide power to almost 500,000 customers in northern Ohio. The majority of Strongsville residents buy their electricity through NOPEC, a not-for-profit council of governments created in 2000 by northeast Ohio mayors who wanted to create an energy “aggregator” that could help their communities negotiate better deals on electricity and natural gas. FirstEnergy, which has been supplying NOPEC, in late October terminated its contract as of Jan. 1. NextEra has agreed to fulfillthe final three years of  the contract at a rate that will provide similar savings to customers from January 2017 through next summer. After that initial price period, customers will receive competitive variable rates based on favorable wholesale purchase prices. Customers will receive opt-out notices for the new service within the next few weeks. Residents who want to stay with NOPEC need not take any action. Customers who want to sign on with an independent supplier can opt out of NOPEC at any time.
NOPEC stresses that there will be no interruption in electric service for NOPEC’s 500,000 customers in 12 Ohio counties. Electricity will not be turned off for any customer.
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