2016 Ledgewood Annual Report



Dear Ledgewood Homeowner Association Member:

The Board of Trustees presents the following summary to inform you of the financial condition of your Association and its achievements during the past year.

These items will be discussed at the annual meeting on November 17, 2016 at the clubhouse at 7:30 p.m.

Nancy PicardPresident-Pool
Mary Ellen HillArchitectural Review
Melissa MimbsArchitectural Review
Carl VenturaCommon Ground
Tricia LanceCommon Ground
Sandra MoirClubhouse

Association Employees:
Jim ChmuraOperations Maintenance Manager
Diane ThompsonClubhouse Manager
Carleen SundvallRecording Secretary-Treasurer
Brittney JankuraPool Manager

President’s Summary – Nancy Picard

The Code of Regulations of the Ledgewood Association defines “the duty of the Trustees to provide for the execution and discharge of the functions and responsibilities of the Association set forth in the Covenants and Restrictions”. The Covenants and Restrictions describe “the Association formed for the purpose of maintaining and administering the Common Properties in The Ledgewood Subdivisions”.

I begin my report with this information as well as the fact that all trustees are volunteers. Some issues are best handled by city departments or by a shared conversation with your neighbors

I am so happy to report that we had no major issues this year. The Association is forty seven years old.  We are always maintaining our investments with due diligence calling on as many resources as we can to make the most informed decisions.  As I drive by other communities, I am grateful and proud that I call Ledgewood my home.


We opened the pool a week before Memorial Day and remained open until Labor Day. We had only two days of weather closing for the entire season. Ledgewood residents made 3893 visits to the pool as well as 1985 guests. We upgraded our chemical delivery systems and replaced some safety and filtering components for both pools.  We had some long overdue maintenance issues resolved.   With the Ledgewood Swim Team, we replaced all the lane lines.

The issue of clover (and the bees that feed on the clover) was a difficult issue this summer.  As our landscaping company reported to me “during a dry summer the grass dies and the clover spreads.”  We do not spray during the pool season because of potential allergies.  When the pool closed, our landscaping company applied two courses of weed killer, docked and reseeded the entire area.  They will carefully watch the success of their efforts early next spring and make recommendations.

Our pool manager, Brittney Jankura, and Head Guard, Alex Ciccarello, along with an outstanding staff made the Ledgewood Pool a place we could all be proud to support.     

CLUBHOUSE – Sandy Moir

The clubhouse was rented out every week-end most Saturdays and Sundays.  

The drapes have been repaired and dry cleaned.

Cleaning service is now using the correct cleaner for the floors (Once and Done)

The floors look much better.  

Microfiber cleaning supplies have been replaced and back up supplies have ordered. 

COMMON GROUND –  Carl Ventura

First of all I would like to thank Jim Chmura, Operations Maintenance Manager, and his assistant Alex Gojnic for overseeing day to day maintenance of the pool, tennis courts, and common areas, as well as the painting of the fire hydrants.  Project is not completed to date.

The past year we have had numerous dead trees removed from common areas, as well as four tree stumps removed, at the island at Falling Water and Royalton Rd. Also I would like to thank the City of Strongsville and their Arborist, Jennifer Milbrandt for all their help with the stump removal.

Due to complaints from residents about non-residents using the basketball courts, we removed one Basketball hoop on the court and started locking gates from dawn to dusk to prevent non-residents from using the court. 

Also we are in the process of repaving the parking lot and the driveway, and installed bollards to keep trucks off of the parking lot. 

ARCHITECTURAL REVIEW – Mary Ellen Hill and Melissa Mimbs

The annual walk about was conducted June 13 through 23, 2016.

During the walk one board member and two resident volunteers evaluated every single family home. Condominium and cluster units are evaluated by their respective associations. Letters were sent to 180 homeowners. Formal complaints were made to the City of Strongsville concerning maintenance issues at 11 homes. We continue to follow complaints made in previous years. This is often a long and difficult process. In general it is easy to keep our neighborhood looking great if you follow these simple guidelines:

• Everyone needs to do their part by keeping all public sidewalks accessible, no plantings growing over the sidewalk perimeter and tree branches should allow a 6 foot tall person to walk without brushing the branches.

• Remove dead trees, limbs, branches and shrubs. They are unsightly and can fall and cause damage to people and property.  All trash cans and other debris should be in your garage or behind your house.
• Do not display signs on your property including: Reserved Parking, Beware of Dog or any/all vendor signs.  The only signs allowed are real estate signs.

If you have a construction project at your home you may need the use of a dumpster or storage pod. Please do what you can so that your large BOX is not a longtime fixture in your neighborhood. This is not the look your neighbors enjoy.

• Please do not store any vehicles with expired license plates in your driveway.  Trailers of any type are never allowed in driveways or where they can be seen on your property.

• Many are installing or replacing fences. Residents can find the City of Strongsville fence ordinance on the city website.  The ordinance is also on www.ledgewood.org


We look for examples of well maintained yards. If you see these homeowners, please tell them we appreciate their efforts. This is just a short list of homes that we noticed on the walk about:

18165 Falling Leaves, 18389 Falling Water, 18470 Falling Water, 12325 Hillcliff, 12365 Hillcliff, 12220 Moss Point, 11888 Ridge Cliff, 17045 Ridge Point, 12355 The Bluffs, 16820 Woodleaf, 17068 Woodleaf, 12194 Woodridge


We would like to give a big "thank you" to everyone that has made an effort to maintain their property. 

Fall is upon us and I would like to thank all those who participated with our swim team this year!  The coaches and swimmers were terrific and everyone involved seemed to have a fantastic time.  Thank you also to our parents and all our great residents who selflessly helped throughout the season at our various functions.

The board and team strategically invested in areas of need and the team is in a healthy position to continue offering this great activity for years to come.  Our new combined team partnership with Westwood Farms was also very successful and will continue into the future.  Ledgewood’s team membership increased by 35% and the combined swim club nearly totaled 100 swimmers!  

While the 2016 season was quite successful, I’m confident 2017 will be an even better year for our team.  Door hangers, announcing team sign ups, will once again be distributed during the spring.  Please spread the word about this fun and healthy program for our children. We hope to increase participation once again next season.  As a reminder, grandchildren of residents are eligible to participate.  My contact information can be found on Ledgewood’s website, and I will quickly respond to any team related inquires all year long.  I can’t wait to see you all in the spring!