The Ledgewood Association Board Of Trustees 
(Note: Click on E-Mail link next to phone number in order to send an email to a trustee)

     Karen Kircher
     Phone (440)227-0240 | E-mail  

Vice President/Pool
     Melissa Mimbs 
     Phone (440)292-7693 | E-mail
Architectural Review
     Mary Ellen Hill 
     Phone (440)864-1699 | E-mail

     JoAnn Nesbett /Secretary
     Phone (440)623-2092 | E-mail
Contact for:
Any architectural changes, including fence construction
Any concerns about city building code violations within the       development
Issues and concerns about property maintenance, including landscaping

  Clubhouse Rental Manager
    Diane Thompson 
 440-268-8157 | E-mail

    Carmella Zingale
    Phone  (216)296-4259 | E-mail

  Common Ground
     Mary Ventura
     Phone - (440)-334-8384 | E-mail

  Treasurer / Recording Secretary
    Carleen Sundvall
    Phone (330) 887-5753  |  E-mail1 | E-mail2
  Contact for:
  Assessments: Selling? -
  Realtors, banks, title companies to contact association for verification 
  of payment of assessment prior to title transfer

  Maintenance Manager
   Eric Schmiedlin Garage (440)238-6000
   Emergency Cell (440)864-0218 
   Contact for:
  Information regarding Ledgewood maintenance or the replacement of   sidewalk lamp globes.
  For additional information, please visit Ledgewood maintenance.

   Website Questions

Ledgewood Association Address
                           Ledgewood Association
                           P.O. Box 360484
                           Strongsville, OH 44136