Ledgewood Coronavirus Info


To our neighbors,


During this time of uncertainty, our first concern is the safety and health of our family, friends, and neighbors.  Thereforeyour Ledgewood Trustees are taking steps to ensure we adhere to Ohio’s government policies and mandates. Please review the changes below. 


• The Ledgewood Clubhouse is closed and unavailable for rent indefinitely. Following Ohio’s Stay at Home order, the Clubhouse will be closed until Governor DeWine lifts the order, and we can thoroughly clean the facility to ensure it is safe for use.  


Individuals who have reserved the Clubhouse will be getting their deposit back.  We will be returning alldeposits through May 1 and planning to re-evaluate at that time to determine if we need to extend the closure.  If you would like to cancel or rebook for later in the year, please contact Diane Thompson (diane@ledgewood.orgto do so.  


• The playground area will be closing today, Monday, March 23, at midnight through April 6, following the Stay at Home policy. Please plan to respect this closure during the stated timeframe, and we will notify you if we can reopen the area earlier or need to extend the closing


• Our maintenance staff is currently furloughed indefinitelyPlease continue to report issues and maintenance requests, and we will log non-emergency requests to be tackled once regular work resumes and will determine solutions for immediate, critical needs. 


We are hopeful that these measures, along with the actions you, businesses, and our government are making will help curb the spread of this disease and allow us to get back to normal as soon as possible.  We will share updates on the items above as well as when we will reschedule the neighborhood roundtable


As we practice social distancing, we hope that you each remain safe. It is great to see your social media posts with offers to help each other, please know we are here to help tooReachout to useach other, and check on our senior or health-impaired neighbors.  Please let us know if you have questionsor need help


The Ledgewood Association 


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