Pool Information Update

June 29, 2020



Dear Ledgewood Resident,


Thank you!  In general, the first weekend of pool access under the new mandate has gone well. Many residents have expressed appreciation for the high level of safety protocols the Association put in place to be compliant with the Ohio & Cuyahoga Health Department mandates for aquatic centers. We have also identified opportunities to help residents navigate these mandates. We’re providingmore insight and information below. 



Reservations must be made at least one (1) hour in advance of accessing the pool, this allows for the effective management of pool staff.  


Please only reserve one (1) two (2) hour time slot per day to allow for as many residents to access the pool as possible. If time slots are open, additional time slots can be reserved at the time of your visit. Previously,reservations could be made a week in advance, now beginning next week, reservations will be made up to three (3) days in advance.   


Reservations for pool are required and can be made on the Ledgewood website https://www.ledgewood.org/p/pool-signup.html or by phone at the front desk (440-238-6000) during pool hours. If you have a reservation and decide not to come, please call the pool or go online to cancel your reservation. This allows an open slot for others to access the pool.  


Pool Hours:

Noon-8pm: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, & Sunday

Closed: Monday & Thursday



The pool has always been a social hub of the neighborhood and it still can be as long as 6 feet of social distancing between households is maintained. It is the responsibility of all Ledgewood residents to maintain social distancing when on the pool grounds. For a few reasons, pool staff will assign specific lanes to residents. 


This accommodates those residents who may need the assistance of a ladder in and out of the pool. It also helps with social distancing throughout the pool grounds and helps prevent the congregation of large groups. This allows our lifeguards and pool staff to safely monitor swimmers and ensure that residents are socially distancing. The health of our residents is our top priority, along with making sure that everyone feels safe at the pool. Please remember to socially distance from other households while in the water as well. The lanes themselves are not six feet apart and residents will be reminded not to get too close while swimming.       



We are heading into a busy holiday weekend! This is a friendly reminder that alcoholic beverages are not allowed in the pool area and the posted pool rules and regulations are still in place. These can be found at Ledgewood.org. 


Again, thank you for all the suggestions and support. Take the time to thank the pool staff for doing a great job in keeping us all safe while allowing access to the pool.  We will continue to communicate updates. As always, please feel free to reach out to any of us, or directly to Ken Angermeier at KenA@ledgewood.org.Take care of yourself, family, and neighbors.  




Ledgewood Association Trustees