2018 Ledgewood Association Annual Report




Dear Ledgewood Association Member:

The Board of Trustees presents the following summary to inform you of the financial condition of your Association and its achievements during the past year.

These items will be discussed at the annual meeting on November 14, 2018 at the clubhouse at 7:30 p.m.


Ana DePould                            President
William Daley                          Vice-President/Pool
JoAnn Nesbett                        Architectural Review – Secretary
James Kenzig                          Architectural Review
Karen Kircher                          Common Ground
Carmella Zingale                     Clubhouse

Association Employees:
Eric Schmiedlin                       Common Ground Manager
Diane Thompson                     Clubhouse Manager
Carleen Sundvall                     Recording Secretary-Treasurer
Brittney Jankura                      Pool Manager

President’s Summary – Ana DePould

The Ledgewood development is a wonderful, beautiful place to call home. Throughout the year The Ledgewood Association is proud to have made many efforts to maintain and update the community.  We’re grateful for the many volunteers, resources, and community members that make these efforts possible.

Though a great deal of the updates are in the report, we also wanted to update residents on the development of the project off of Route 82, now known as
“The Royalton Collection.”  The Ledgewood Association is still closely following the planning of this development, and a committee is being established specifically to help ensure the concerns of all the Ledgewood residents are addressed as the construction commences. 

We look forward to another great year ahead!

Pool – William Daley

It was a great year thanks to Brittney Jankura, Pool Manager, Brandon Rhoda, Head Guard, along with an outstanding guard staff that made the Ledgewood Pool a place to support. Weather wise it was an amazing summer.

We had 15 lifeguards on staff for the season (5/1-9/4) with total hours of 2,518.

Items purchased this season were:  Three portable lifeguard chairs, easy entry/handicap steps, wading pool heater, wading pool chlorine pump, electrical outlets installed on light posts to plug in vacuums, main pool filter pipes enlarged to be compliant with Ohio code, and tarps were purchased to enclose the lifeguard chairs as they will have to be kept outdoors.

We shopped on the internet for lifeguard chairs and brought proposal to our local provider and they matched quote resulting in over $1,500 in savings.

Proposed items to purchase for the 2019 Season:  Wading pool pump, electronic vacuum and digital clock for pool deck.

Also there are some repairs that are not major that will be necessary in 2019.


We encourage residents to take full advantage of our beautiful Clubhouse for your gatherings and events.

This year we had 94 rentals:  Birthday parties – 18, Bridal showers – 10, Baby
showers – 14, Family reunions – 6, Gender reveal – 1, Baptism – 1, Communion parties – 2, Graduation parties – 9, Swim Team – 9, Retirement parties – 2, Wedding receptions – 3, Mother’s Day luncheon – 1, Piano recital – 1, Association meetings – 16.

This year we painted the party room and lobby and I think it looks great.  We also installed new toilets in both bathrooms.

We  installed a new state of the art water fountain that allows individuals to fill their own water bottles. It is located in the lobby.

We purchased new floor mats for the lobby that is heavy grade material to protect our clubhouse floor from water and salt that people may bring in from the entrance.

Thank you for a good year.

Common Grounds – Karen Kircher

Projects Completed:

1.    Employed a new landscaping company, Moscarino Inc. – We were happy enough with their work that we extended their contract to three years, with no price increase.
2.    Re-built signs in front of the Clubhouse and the Tennis Park area. Bob Folino re-made the signs at a huge savings.  Great job!
3.    Re-landscaped the Clubhouse front bed.
4.    Removed 16+ trees on Common Ground providing fire wood to residents.
5.    Created a swale at east end of the pool to prevent a future flood.
6.    Worked with the city to repair broken sewer lines at east end of the pool.
7.    Built four picnic tables for pool and tennis areas.
8.    Resurfaced asphalt tennis courts adding a Pickle Ball Court.
     9.  Worked with City of Strongsville to remove shrubs at entrance to Great                   Escape plaza on Falling Water and to add ADA compatible street access on              Akita.
   10. General maintenance of street signs, lighting and fence repair.

Ongoing projects: 2019

1.    Work with city to enlarge the culvert next to the Clubhouse.  This was promised by Mike Daymut and Mayor Perciak at a planning meeting.
2.    Remove trees on common area that are a hazard to homeowners.
3.    Resurface the basketball courts and add new nets.
4.    Replace lighting system at 82 entrance to Ledgewood.
5.    Beautify existing landscaping with colorful perennials.
6.    Replace landscaping railroad ties along area next to pool fence.
7.    Refurbish the surface of the Nova Court with additional sand and algaecide.
8.    Seal and reline the clubhouse parking lot adding two handicapped parking places.

ARCHITECTURAL REVIEW – JoAnn Nesbett & James Kenzig

Ledgewood is a unique development in Strongsville with a park like setting for us to enjoy throughout the year.  As the seasons change our homes demand a lot of upkeep from trimming bushes, mowing lawns, disposal of fall leaves and exterior maintenance of our homes.  We have many lovely homes in the neighborhood and that is witnessed by the speed with which homes are selling. Here is a quick overview of what the Architectural Review Committee has accomplished this year as it relates to the over five hundred homes in our neighborhood. 

Our first job concerns improvements to your property.  If you are building or replacing a fence, deck, patio, outdoor kitchen, please contact the Ledgewood Board for approval.  You will also need a City Building Permit and the ordinances are listed on the city website or at www.ledgewood.org.

Next, an Annual Walk was conducted on June 23, 2018.  Volunteers evaluated each single family home.  Condominium and cluster units are evaluated by their respective associations.  Many letters were sent to homeowners suggesting improvements to their property for the safety and autistics of our neighborhood.  We, also, follow up on complaints made by members of our community and try to solve these problems.  Sometimes solving these problems is a long and difficult process including getting the city involved in the situation.  In order to maintain our neighborhood as it gets older, here are a few guidelines:
·         All public sidewalks need to be accessible and level.  (Trim bushes)
·         Remove dead trees, limbs, branches, shrubs and all debris from your yard including trash cans.
·         DO NOT display signs on your property including vendor and election signs.  The only signs allowed are real estate signs.
·         Trailers, dumpsters or storage pods are not to be a longtime fixture to your property.  Please remove them as quickly as possible so your neighbors can enjoy the natural looks of our neighborhood.
·         DO NOT store any vehicle with expired license plates in your driveway. 
·         Maintain your property—paint the house, remove moss from the roof, and keep your post lights working.
Thank you homeowners…here are a few well maintained yards.  17033 Ridge Creek, 12454 The Bluffs, 18383 Falling Water, 16835, Woodleaf, 12355 The Bluffs, 12194 Woodridge, 17068 Woodleaf                                                                                                                

If you have changed your email address and have a new one, you can go to www.ledgewood.org to add the new email address. Or if you are not on the email list, but have an email and would like to receive messages from the Board or The Ledger you can subscribe or unsubscribe on the website. On the left side of the home page, it says subscribe or unsubscribe from The Ledger Newsletters.

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