Dear Ledgewood Association Member:

The Board of Trustees presents the following summary to inform you of the financial condition of your Association and its achievements during the past year.

These items will be discussed at the annual meeting on November 10, 2019 at 6:00 p.m.


Ana DePould                                        President

William Daley                                      Vice-President-Pool

James Kenzig                                       Clubhouse-Secretary

Ken Angermeier                                   Architectural Review

Zarina Melik-Stepanova                        Architectural Review

Nancy Picard                                        Common Ground

Association Employees:

Eric Schmiedlin                                    Common Ground Manager

Diane Thompson                                  Clubhouse Rental Manager

Brittney Jankura                                   Pool Manager

Carleen Sundvall                                  Recording-Secretary-Treasurer

President’s Summary – Ana DePould

Each year in Ledgewood I am continually thankful and surprised by the amount of charm and beauty that can be found in our neighborhood.  I’ve enjoyed hearing updates from residents as they enjoy a walk through our gorgeous wooded areas or a warm day by the pool.

This year the Ledgewood Association has been focused on projects that continue to enrich our shared space, from updates to the clubhouse to upkeep of our common grounds areas. We’ve also been working with the city to stay updated on larger projects as well, most notably the construction in our culvert.

As always, we are so grateful for the amount of residents that have reached out to offer their voices, services and efforts to this wonderful neighborhood.  We couldn’t do this work without you, and hope that you continue to be involved and engaged as neighbors.  We look forward to creating new and exciting opportunities to work with you in the year to come!

Pool - William Daley

First of all we want to thank Brittney Jankura, pool manager, for an outstanding year and of course the lifeguards who make it all happen.  We are all fortunate to live here and enjoy the pool with friends and neighbors.

We had 12 lifeguards this season for a total of 2,411 hours.  There were six new umbrellas purchased as well as a digital clock and computer.

On to the issues with the main pool and wading pool. The main pool cover as well as the liner both had tears.  Both were corrected prior to the season opening. The main pool heater was fixed due to a leak. The main pool pump was repaired.  The backflush system for the main pool as of this writing is still being worked on.

The baby pool had significant issues this year.  The cover was repaired due to a tear.  A new pump was installed. A new liner (membrane) was installed.  There were leaks in the pool outlets after the liner was installed and subsequently the pool lost water.  It was discovered that the outlet flanges needed to be replaced and will be prior to the cover being installed.

Clubhouse – Jim Kenzig

The Clubhouse has seen many improvements and upgrades this year. Our maintenance staff painted the clubhouse walls a new color.  They also began replacing ceiling tiles.  The maintenance crew removed balloon strings tangled in the ceiling fans, and replaced them with new ones that have led lighting.  New signage was created to assist residents as they put away tables, chairs and furniture.  The two Bunn coffee pot receptacles were replaced with new ones.

The association installed new remote-control digital thermostats to realize savings on heating and cooling by raising and lowering temperature remotely after events.

Four cameras were upgraded inside the clubhouse with night vision and higher resolution. A monitor was placed at the guard desk so the guard on duty could help keep watch on the pool. A new digital clock was also installed at the front desk.

The internet router was replaced with one that provides a stronger Wi-Fi signal. The internet speed was increased once crews repaired broken cable that ran under the road.

Deadbolts were placed on doors going out to pool area to prevent people from going out to pool during off hours. This is to bring the building up to fire code.  The exit signs above these doors were replaced with emergency lighting.

The toilets in the restrooms were replaced with ones designed for a stronger commercial flush.

The front center and rear clubhouse doors were replaced with new aluminum glass doors that served to beautify the exits while finally updating them to fire code.  The fence by the rear of the clubhouse was moved so that there is not egress out to the pool bringing that exit up to fire code.  A ramp was built to allow handicap emergency access out this door. The pool hose spigot was moved inside the fence at the same time this was done.  The fence company also repaired the pool gate that exits to the picnic tables.

Architectural Review – Zarina Melik-Stepanova & Ken Angermeier

Ledgewood is one of the most beautiful, picturesque, and green neighborhoods in Strongsville. We have unique houses full of green spaces in front and back, populated by luscious trees. It is a huge reason why our properties sell quickly and for high values. Who wouldn’t want to live in a forest?

It is also because of these features that we ask you to keep up with the appearances of your houses and yards. A well maintained neighborhood is a joy (and envy) not only for those who drive through, but also a pride for ourselves and our neighbors.

Since the Spring season was so wet and lasted longer than usual, our annual walk-through did not take place until mid- July. We had an amazing and generous group of volunteers who walked the neighborhood with us. We noted how many of you spend your time and energy maintaining your properties and got in touch with those that needed some additional work.

Thank you for all those who listened to our suggestions for improvements. We appreciate your time and attention.

We hope that as we go forward in the fall, we all continue to beautify our area and blow leaves... again, and again, and again.

Please remember a few guidelines:

 • If you are in the process of building a deck or fence, replacing your roof or siding, or doing any other outdoor improvements, please contact us via e-mail to receive the board’s approval. This will help you with the city, as well, for they like to see HOA approvals before they grant permits for any work. With the help of e-mail, the entire process is easy and quick.

 • Please do not display any signs on your property or anywhere else in the neighborhood. Real estate signs are the only exception.

 • All sidewalks need to be accessible to pedestrians. Please trim your trees and bushes, move your vehicles, and brush the river rocks to the side. Additionally, please maintain your post lights, so our streets are easy to navigate and safe.

• Please remove dead trees, limbs, branches, shrubs and all debris from the front of your properties. And please, friends, no one wants to see your garbage cans unless it’s a garbage day. Move them out of sight.

Thank you.

We extend gratitude to you all for taking care of this place we call home. As the weather changes, and our falling leaves turn into falling snow, our beautiful area becomes a winter wonderland. Aren’t we lucky to live here?

Common Ground – Nancy Picard

I was asked to fill in as Common Ground Trustee in May and the learning curve has been close to vertical.

Here are the major accomplishments in no particular order:

I have met weekly with the Maintenance manager to prioritize work and coordinate requests.

I have worked closely with the under contract landscaping company, Moscarino, Inc.  The spring was very wet and keeping up with the weeds and trimming was difficult at best.  The goal was to have everything up to standard by July 4.  We were just a few days past for completion of the major spring tasks. 

The wet spring was also devastating to our older trees.  We have had to cut down nearly three dozen trees from common areas this summer.

We purchased copies of the plot maps for the entire development from the Cuyahoga County Auditor.  These maps have been loaded onto our website for all to access.  We also have a laminated copy of the maps in the maintenance garage.

We contracted with David Drabik to evaluate and repair our Novagrass surface.  His history with our courts is extensive.  His recommendations suggest the instability of our site would require concrete stabilization prior to installation of any surface.

Maintenance crew extra tasks completed in no particular order:  remove two light poles on Falling Water at Ridge Creek,  paint and sand stairs from Falling Leaves to playground area, safety structure was built around gas meter outside clubhouse kitchen door, rebuilt dumpster structure to accommodate large dumpsters and allow easy access to top of tall dumpsters, lumber was added to retaining wall outside garage at the creek, built four benches for the tennis courts, repair and paint damage to a corner inside the party room, flowerbed structure outside the clubhouse was rebuilt and painted, gate on the substation road next to the Novagrass was reinstalled, fascia board, gutter and man door was repaired/replaced on the garage, four camera poles and cameras were installed in the playground area, keys to the playground and substation gates were coordinated with all the City of Strongsville Departments, pump house vent grates were installed to prevent access by woodland creatures, lights at the entrances were rewired and replaced, front exterior of the clubhouse was repainted, river stones were replaced around asphalt courts and playground areas, handicapped ramp was built, painted, sanded and installed outside party room exit doors, tennis court backstops were repaired, materials to replace soundproofing ceiling tiles have been researched and purchased so that this can be an ongoing winter project, chair storage racks have been designed by Eric and Brian and are being installed, clubhouse has been winterized.

Reserve Study – Carleen Sundvall

In 2003 Bob & Marcy Folino, residents, created the first reserve study along with information provided by Carleen Sundvall, Treasurer. For 16 years Bob & Carleen continued to update the massive spread sheets that includes about anything and everything that the association owns.  This reserve study has governed when the assessments should be increased and is a guide that has been used to determine when association assets need to be repaired or replaced.

Community Reserve Specialists were hired to do a new study as the Folino’s have moved and this will allow future Board members or a new treasurer to have the study updated every 4 - 5 years  that  guarantees that the study will  always continue to be updated into the future.

The spreadsheets proved to be a huge help in creating a new study and reduced the cost of the study.   The board was told that they have never seen such an outstanding technically and intricate list of components. It went beyond anything that they have ever seen and was very impressive.

The reserve study has been completed and due to increasing the assessment for 2020 it will allow for more funds to be put into the Reserve Fund.  The findings in the study has put the association in good shape financially moving forward to continue to become fully funded. Jeff Ripple, Community Reserve Specialists, said that he does not get to say very often that association’s are in good shape financially as most are not.

Hopefully, the new culvert under Falling Water and the installation of a larger retention basin by Somera developers on 82 will alleviate the floods from the creek that we have experienced over the years and the huge costs that went along with them. 

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