Strongsville Requirements

In addition to the Ledgewood Associations Covenants and Restrictions, the  City of Strongsville has requirements for permits and building codes that residents should be aware of. 

The board has become aware that many Ledgewood residents are installing or replacing fences on their property. 

Below is a copy of the City of Strongsville’s Ordinance for fences. These should help with your plans.


Landscape features, such as hedges, trees and shrubs and yard structures, such as fences, trellises, walls and outdoor fireplaces, may be permitted in a required front, side or rear yard as follows:

(a) Front Yards, Interior Lot. Fences and hedges shall not be permitted along
a side lot line in the front yard, except a two-rail type of fence not to exceed
forty-two inches in height.

(b) Front Yard, Corner Lot. Landscape features within a triangle formed
between points on front and side lot lines within thirty-five feet from their
intersection shall be maintained to a height not exceeding two and one-half
feet above curb level.

(c) Side and Rear Yards. Fences, walls and hedges shall be permitted along
a side and rear yard lot line to a height of not more than six feet above the
average grade.

All fences shall be designed and constructed in such fashion that
the finished side of such fence faces to the exterior of the lot. If a
fence is designed so that only one side is finished, and the
unfinished side contains structural members, including posts and
framing, which are exposed to view, then the unfinished side of the
fence shall face the interior of the lot upon which the fence is

All fences shall be treated with appropriate weather preservatives
or painted and maintained in good condition.

On a corner lot, fences, walls and hedges shall be set back from
the side street right-of-way and any sidewalk not less than twelve
feet (12') if the fence, wall or hedge is four feet (4') in height or less
and not less than sixteen feet (16') if the fence, wall or hedge is
higher than four feet (4') in height.

Tool sheds and other enclosed structures shall conform to the yard
regulations for accessory buildings set forth in Section 1252.15.

(d) Driveways. Driveways to garages or parking areas shall be permitted in any required side yard that is not less than ten feet wide.

(e) Other Structures. Floodlights, search lights, loudspeakers or similar
structures shall not be erected or used in a residential district in any manner that will cause hazards or annoyance to the public generally or to the occupants of neighboring property.

(f) Permits. Fences and walls over four feet high and all accessory buildings shall require a building permit.(Ord. 2012-085. Passed 9-17-12.)
Below is a list of items that the City of Strongsville requires a permit.

Information for permits, permit fees, applications, contractor registrations, adopted Building Codes, Strongsville
Codified Ordinances, applications for the Board of Zoning Code Appeals and much more can be obtained online

Permits are an essential tool for ensuring the safe occupancy of all residential, commercial, or industrial
structures and connecting infrastructure. Permits document that safety considerations have been addressed for the current and future owners, tenants and occupants of these structures. Permits expire one year from date of issue as long as construction is continuous.
Permit fees:
Permit fees vary in price and are updated semi-annually.
Estimated permit fees may be obtained by visiting
All projects require a review period.
Review periods will vary from project to project.

Before proceeding with the construction, enlargement, alteration, repair or removal of any building orother structure, or when modifications are made to the electrical, mechanical or plumbing systems, apermit shall first be obtained by the owner or agent from the Commissioner of Buildings. The application shall accurately reflect all work proposed and be accompanied by a complete set of plans and working drawings.

Before a permit is issued for the construction of a new structure and/or the enlargement of an existingstructure, the premises for which such permit is to be used shall be posted for a period of ten days with aposter to be furnished by the Commissioner of Buildings.

Minimum 10 Day Posting/Waiting Period Required For: 
(Partial sampling)
All new and additions to Residential Dwellings
All new and additions to Commercial/Industrial Structures
Add or replace accessory structure
Add or replace garage or breezeway
Add or replace patio enclosure
New or replace deck
New or replace fence
New or replace shed
New or replace gazebo
New outdoor playhouse structure
Install an above or in ground pool, hot tub or whirlpool

All contractors are required to be registered with the City. Permits cannot be issued and work cannot begin until the registration is completed and approved.

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